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We, the participants,

GATHERED here in Oporto, Portugal, from 22d to 25th March 2017:

RECOGNIZING that the spread of the tobacco epidemic continues to be a problem in European countries with serious consequences for public health;

ACKNOWLEDGING the “rising worlds” that tobacco industry keeps discovering with new products and promotion strategies in order to maintain individual’s addiction;

ASSUMING the need of defining “new boundaries” by reinforcing the National and European legal measures, enabling more effective and comprehensive actions in order to fully implement FCTC recommendations;

AIMING to shape a tobacco free world where children may grow up without even dreaming about a dependence like the one caused by tobacco.

Do hereby declare:

  1. A comprehensive approach to tobacco control which involves assessment, planning, intervention and sustainability based upon the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) should be adopted by all countries;
  2. Cooperation between countries, sharing good practices and seeking concerted efforts should be strengthened as far as it will enable a better and well organized fight against tobacco industry;
  3. Multisectorial commitments should be addressed in order to achieve a more comprehensive strategy, engaging not only governments but also nongovernmental organizations, and including areas besides health as far as we acknowledge the influence of several other factors like economics, cultural or social ones;
  4. Tobacco control advocates must be properly informed and updated about tobacco new products, like e –cigarettes and heat not burn cigarettes taking into account the uncertainty about the health effects and risks and the collateral effects;
  5. Experts in tobacco control must speak out in one and only voice, based in scientific evidence and keeping an open mind;
  6. Mass and social media can make an important contribution towards the tobacco denormalization and a tobacco free generation and therefore we should engage them reinforcing their knowledge in order to contribute to a better public information and enabling believes and behaviors change;
  7. Health education and health literacy should be enhanced in order to empower the individuals to fight against the industry temptations concerning, namely, the new tobacco products;
  8. The only way to fully protect individuals is to eliminate smoking in all indoor settings and that’s why we should enhance measures involving children as we know all too well that this is a gathering strategy concerning tobacco control.
  9. FCTC implementation is full of challenges and consequently we need to have concerted strategies combining prevention and cessation, seeking innovation and effective communication channels with specific target groups, improving tailored interventions addressing inequalities and involving and empowering citizens.

Vitor Veloso
President of 7th ECTOH Executive Committee

Rui Medeiros
President of the 7th ECTOH Scientific Committee

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Health Program - European Union
Association of European Cancer Leagues
Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro

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